Incense Sample Kits

Coming soon


Choose between one of three sample sets. Each set comes with a total of 15 incense cones and a pebble burner. Sets include 5 cones of each scent individually packaged in glassine envelopes.

Coração (Heart)
White Sage Black Copal || Palo Santo || Lemongrass Rose + Copal

Mokupuni (Island)
Hawaiian Sandalwood || Lavender Aloeswood || Vetiver Dragon

Žywica (Resin)
Black Frankincense || Cedar + Piñon Pine || Rosemary + Myrrh

Make Your Own
Custom set: choose any 3 of our 9 incense offerings.
Send me a message with the specifics.

• Burn time: 15 min
• 100% Plant Based

Size and color of burner may vary.