Lavender Aloeswood Incense

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Scent: dark + light sandalwood blend, aloeswood, lavender, clove, opopanax

Aloeswood is an aromatic treasure, and is valued highly in many cultures for its distinctly beautiful fragrance and medicinal properties.

This blend is rich, smooth and deeply calming. Aloeswood has a dark chocolate basenote with subtle hints of fruit at the top. Lavender and clove warm the scent with subtle spice and floral notes. Sandalwoods and opopanax add complexity to a lush base that lingers long after burning.

This scent is perfect for meditation or winding down from stress.
Burn before going to bed for deep, restful sleep.

15 Incense Cones || Pebble Burner Included

• Burn time: 15 min
• 100% Plant Based

Size and color of burner may vary.